The glass beads in this necklace were handmade by me in my lampwork studio. I then used them to create this stunning necklace which is sure to be a show stopper. The beads have bases of blue or white with spots and speckles created with “frit” (“Glass frit”- small pieces of glass) which I made by hand. The colors of the frit were hand mixed with molten glass and broken apart by immersing the mixed molten glass into cold water. The prepared frit was then applied to the beads by rolling the beads, while molten, in the frit and then melting the frit into the beads with a blow torch.
No jewelry can compare to the aesthetics of a handmade lampwork piece. This necklace is one of a kind. I will not make another so that it’s uniqueness can be preserved.
This necklace was made with human hands and a loving human heart; not with machinery and factories. Instead of a mass produced necklace; there is only one of the same, not 50 million of the same.
This necklace was made in America by me, an independent artisan. By buying from an independent artisan you can make a positive impact on the environment- a mass produced piece of jewelry, besides having no true uniqueness, is made in a factory that more than likely is pumping large amounts of pollutants into our atmosphere and landfills.
The glass I use to make my jewelry is made by small companies.