A beautiful handmade resin pendant necklace. The pendant is made from an up-cycled poker chip. I coated it with a thick layer of glitter in differing shades of silver which catch the light just right to produce an amazing and unique sparkle. Then I coated it with a nice layer of enamel, which gave the pendant a dome shape. When the enamel was half way dry, i placed a small foreign coin into the surface. After it dried completely, I applied some rich black dye on certain areas of the surface. The areas that were not covered with dye are shaped like long narrow tear drops, and the glitter shows through these areas. The glitter and the deep black make a strikingly gorgeous contrast. When the dye dried, I put another layer of enamel over the pendant. A reaction occurred over the metal coin, and the dye over the coin became wet again and swirled magically into a translucent purplish, copperish, blackish coating over the coin. This coating changes color in differing directions of light. This whole process took over 3 days to complete. 
The pendant is transformed into a necklace with a hand strung strand of black glass beads and silver glass beads that splits into 2 strands past the middle. It features a twist clasp which is easier to open and close than a traditional clasp.
This is truly a unique one of a kind necklace, fit for formal occasions or everyday wear.
The chain measures 22 inches total. The necklace, including pendant, hangs approximately 7.5 inches from the base of the neck when worn. 
I take the utmost pride in my creations, and it shows in the quality and workmanship.